Codes of Conduct


  1. DO NOT PARK ON STREETS – No parking on Los Caballos, Los Corralitos or Pauba Road. Violators will be ticketed and/or towed.  We want to be good neighbors and its critical we keep the roads surrounding Galway Downs clear of vehicles.
  2. NO PETS – no exception.  No fake “service dogs” either.  Did you know it is a misdemeanor in the State of California to pass off a pet as a service animal (see, California Penal Code 365.7).  State and Federal law do not recognize “emotional support” dogs either.
  3. NO OUTSIDE ALCOHOL and NO ALCOHOL on the fields.  Depending on the event, Galway Downs may have areas reserved for enjoying adult beverages (sufficiently away from the fields).
  4. DON’T BE “THAT PARENT. We appreciate that this is a competitive soccer tournament, but don’t be that one parent/fan that is disrespectful.  Be positive and support your player(s) and understand that your organizations code of conduct will be enforced at Galway Downs.