Team Travel Guidelines


Here are some general guidelines provided by AYSO for team travel


  • Teams must have the appropriate approvals from the RC, AD or SD. Travel abroad requires additional approval from US Soccer.
  • Team meetings must be conducted in common areas; not in the coach’s rooms.
  • No players are allowed in the coach’s rooms unless accompanied by their parent.
  • Any trainer needs should be done at the fields or in hotel common areas with parents.
  • No coaches are allowed in players’ rooms.
  • Players who aren’t accompanied by their parents should:
    • Be in a room with other unaccompanied players if old enough, or
    • Be in a room with another parent and player as arranged and agreed upon by the parents; not allocated by AYSO.
  • There must be a minimum of two registered, trained and certified coaches.
  • One registered volunteer must be the gender of the players (can be team manager).
  • No one can ever be alone with a player other than their own child.’
  • Only registered volunteers over the age of 25 can drive players.
  • Teams must not rent or use 15 passenger vans to transport players per the NHTSA.
  • Rental cars for team travel must include all insurance coverage offered.