Rules & Regulations


The Sigi Schmid
AYSO Open Cup 2020
May 30th & 31st, 2020

Rules & Regulations




Created 12/4/19



The Sigi Schmid AYSO Open Cup shall offer an opportunity to bring together different Regions, Areas and Sections to share in the diverse soccer culture of the AYSO family. The tournament focuses on sportsmanship, team spirit and friendship through the activities and events that are offered during the event. The tournament dates are May 30-31, 2020.

The Sigi Schmid AYSO Open Cup should not be interpreted nor represented as any form of an AYSO national championship.



 The AYSO Open Cup consists of two flights:

  • Championship – (Core/Recreational)
  • Premier – (Club/Competitive/Travel)



Unless otherwise noted, the current AYSO National Rules and FIFA Laws of the game will be used for this tournament. The following rules are intended specifically for this tournament ONLY!

The Tournament Committee (incl. Tournament Director, Assistant Director(s), Field Director, Referee Director and other designated staff) will have jurisdiction over all games played. Disputes will be resolved by the end of the soccer day. Referee judgment calls are NOT subject to dispute or protest!




Tournament entry fees must accompany tournament application and will be returned if application is not accepted. Fee must be a single check issued from the respective Region/Club Account (no personal checks).

Fees are:

    Championship: 10U $595, 12U $645, 14U $695, 16U $695, U19 $695

                 Premier: 2011 & younger $595, 2010/2009 $645, 2008 and older $695



Applications will be accepted on a first-come basis, based on completed application (see Team Application Form for criteria). Teams will be notified by email within 48 hours of the receipt of their applications.

Teams not accepted into the tournament will be offered the opportunity to be placed on a waiting list or have their application returned within 48 hours.

The primary form of communication between the Tournament and applying teams will be email and the Tournament website. Teams must designate a Team Contact on their application who has email and Internet access.



Teams withdrawing prior to April 15, 2020 will be issued a full refund.

No refunds will be given after April 15, 2020 unless a replacement team can be found.

All refunds will be processed and mailed with 45 days of the close of the tournament.

If the tournament is canceled and cannot be rescheduled a full refund will be issued.



Should the tournament be rained out on the original date, it will not be rescheduled.

If the tournament is cancelled due to weather after partially completing and it cannot be rescheduled to be completed, refunds will be made to teams on a prorated basis, based on the number of actual games played.

In the very unlikely event that the tournament is cancelled, all registered teams will receive full refunds of their team registration fee. Memorabilia that is pre-ordered and paid for by teams will be distributed.



Players on participating teams must be properly registered in AYSO and have played in the MY2019 season.  Coaches and Regional Commissioners are responsible to ensure that all players meet eligibility requirements.

All team rosters will be verified by staff prior to the start of the tournament. Changes to the rosters will be allowed until May 28th. There will be no roster changes allowed on tournament days.

3 Guest Players (players from a different Region from the applying team’s Region) will be allowed for each team playing in the Championship division. Guest Players are required to have the approval of both the Guest Player’s Regional Commissioner and the Host Team Regional Commissioner (see Guest Player Form).

There is no limit to the number of guest players playing in the club (Premier) bracket.

All players must play at least half of each game. Violation of these player rules exposes a team to protest and renders them subject to forfeiture of game and possible disqualification at the discretion of the Tournament Director.



The maximum number of players allowed in 19U will be 18 and teams will play 11 v 11

The maximum number of players allowed in 16U will be 18 and teams will play 11 v 11

The maximum number of players allowed in 14U will be 15 and teams will play 11 v 11

The maximum number of players allowed in 12U will be 12 and teams will play 9 v 9

The maximum number of players allowed in 10U will be 10 and teams will play 7 v 7

Coed teams will be accepted; however, they must play in the boy’s divisions only.



The max number of players allowed for 2008 and older will be 18 and teams will play 11 v 11

The max number of players allowed for 2009 and 2010 will be 16 and teams will play 9 v 9

The max number of players allowed for 2011 and younger will be 14 and teams will play 7 v 7

Coed teams will be accepted; however, they must play in the boy’s divisions only.





Each team is limited to one Head Coach and one Assistant Coach only (must have two coaches). These coaches must be the names listed on the team roster in Affinity Sports.

Each Coach must be currently registered in MY2019, AYSO age-specific trained (see below), Safe Haven certified, CDC Concussion certified and provide us with their AYSO Identification Number.

Both the Head Coach and the Assistant Coach must have Certifications as follows:

10U:     10U Certification
11U:     U12 Certification
12U:     U12 Certification
13U:     Intermediate Certification
14U:     Intermediate Certification
15U:     Advanced Certification
16U:     Advanced Certification
19U:     Advanced Certification

All coaches are expected to set the example for their team in exhibiting proper AYSO behavior and Kids Zone behavior. Coaches are expected to remain in the technical area during games and only enter the field of play as requested by the referee.



Each Coach must be currently registered in MY2019, Safe Haven certified, CDC Concussion certified and provide us with their AYSO Identification Number. Coaches must be USSF certified at E license or above and/or hold AYSO age-specific certifications based on the age group they are coaching (see list above).

All coaches are expected to set the example for their team in exhibiting proper AYSO behavior and Kids Zone behavior. Coaches are expected to remain in the technical area during games and only enter the field of play as requested by the referee.



  1. All referees must be currently registered with either USSF or AYSO.
  2. Referees shall officiate each game in accordance to 2019/20 FIFA Laws of the Game, except as modified by AYSO in the tournament game rules.
  3. Youth referees (center referees) must be at least 2 years older than the age group they are refereeing.
  4. All referees must be in full uniform as defined by USSF, including the Referee Badge. Referees not in uniform will not be permitted to referee games.
  5. All referees must check in with the Referee Coordinator at least thirty (30) minutes prior to the start time of each match to which they are assigned.
  6. Coaches and players in the tournament will not be allowed to referee in the age group in which they are competing.
  7. The game scores as recorded on the game cards shall be the official scores. Referees shall submit all game cards as instructed at the end of each game.
  8. Referees shall submit a written report in the event of: (1) Any send offs issued to a player, or expulsions of a coach, spectator or guest (2) Any conduct by coaches, spectators or other guests that interfered with the game, (3) Any serious injury, including suspected head injuries (4) Any other action that the referee determines merits a notation or report,

No protests of games, official rulings or judgment calls shall be allowed. The tournament committee will have the final say on any complaint or issue and all decisions are final.



  1. There will be Tournament Referee Coordinators assigned to each field, and they will report to the Tournament Referee Director. Referee Coordinators will work with the referees to check in teams prior to each game, and present the verified game rosters to the match referees.
  2. At the conclusion of the game, the referees will return the completed game cards to the Referee Coordinator.
  3. Referee Coordinators will be the first to respond to any incidents or injuries, and will be in contact with the rest of the tournament staff by radio. Tournament participants are encouraged to report any concerns immediately to the Referee Coordinator, and also to respectfully follow any instructions given by the Referee Coordinator.



  1. All fields will be set up and taken down by the tournament staff.
  2. Trash cans will be provided near each field. Teams will be expected to clean up all trash in their area before leaving.
  3. Weapons, alcohol, tobacco (including ‘vapor’ or ‘e-cigarettes’), other controlled substances and noise makers are not allowed at the facility.
  4. Pets are not allowed on any fields or common areas. Service animals are allowed.
  5. Please observe the Facility Use Rules while attending the tournament.



  1. This is a pool-play tournament.
  2. Each age division will be bracketed into playing pools.
  3. Teams will advance from qualifying pools based on pool play standings points. Number of teams advancing per pool will be determined by the number of pools in the division.



  1. Teams will check in with the referees on the field prior to each game. The Referees will use the game cards supplied by each team, generated in Affinity, to check off players prior to the game. Players not appearing on the game card will not be permitted to play. The players listed on the game cards must match the approved roster submitted with the team’s application.
  2. AYSO coaches must have AYSO Player Registration forms with them at all times and ready for presentation to Tournament Officials.
  3. Club coaches in the Premier bracket must have their state association registration forms with them at all times and ready for presentation to Tournament Officials.



  1. Pool play games will consist of 20, 25 or 30 minute halves depending on the age division (see chart below) with a five-minute half time. There will be a running clock during the match including substitutions. There will be no time added on for injuries or time wasting in  qualifying rounds. Games will expect to end on time, and may be shortened if they started late. Pool play games may end in a tie.
  2. The length of play for knockout and championship games will be the same as pool play.
  3. Game durations will be as follows:

Championship Division

10U:                                 20 minute half
12U:                                 25 minute half
14U:                                 30 minute half
16U:                                 30 minute half
19U:                                 30 minute half

Premier Division

2011’s: (7v7):                 20 minute half
2010/2009’s: (9v9):       25 minute half
2008’s +: (11v11)           30 minute half

  1. The “home” team will be the first team listed on the game schedule and will be responsible for providing three game balls.
  2. Coaches and players for both teams will be placed on the same side of the field on opposite sides of the halfway line. The spectators for both teams will be placed behind the opposite touchline to the players and coaches, directly opposite their respective coach and players.
  3. There will be no warming up on the field. Teams must warm up prior to taking the field. As soon as the previous game has ended, teams must clear the field and the teams for the next game must take their places.
  4. FORFEITS: There will be a five-minute grace period at the start of each game. The grace period may be extended if circumstances warrant. The game will be declared a forfeit only after the referee and referee coordinator have confirmed that the circumstances warrant such a decision. A 0-3 forfeit loss will be assigned to the forfeiting team.

No game shall start or continue if either team has fewer than 5 players in U10 (7v7), 6 players in U12 (9v9), or 7 players in U14 through U19 (11v11), present and ready to play.

  1. SUSPENDED GAMES: The Tournament Committee may determine to end matches early if field schedule is behind due to game delays, interference, or if weather conditions provide unsafe conditions; and may distribute awards according to games played and points. The Tournament Committee will determine the outcome of any single game which is terminated prematurely (due to inclement weather, participant injury, or interference by outside party, etc.).
  2. ABANDONED GAMES: if any pool play games cannot be played due to circumstances beyond the control of the tournament, the final standings of the pool will be determined by applying the Winning Percentage formula (Total Points Earned in all Game Played divided by Total Points Possible for the Number of Games Played) to each team in the pool. Note. This does not apply to games which were shortened due to late a late start. Only the Tournament Director or designee can declare a game to be abandoned or not played.
  3. TIED GAMES: Pool play games may end in a tie. Games ending in a tie after regulation time during the knockout or championship stages must have a winner and will go to two full 5 minute periods of extra time (no “golden goal”). If still tied after extra time, matches will go to IFAB/FIFA kicks from the penalty mark with the players on the field at the end of the second period of extra time.



  1. Substitutions shall be allowed approximately mid way through each half for all Championship division games, 10U through 19U, and will be recorded on the game cards by the referee.
  2. All substitutions must be approved and recognized by the referee. Substitutions may be made for injured players; however, they may not return until the beginning of the next quarter and will be considered as having played the current quarter (exception: an injured player not replaced may return to play at any time with the referee’s permission).
  3. Substitutions in all overtime periods of medal round matches will be at the beginning of the periods only (Championship division only).
  4. Free substitutions will be allowed in the Premier bracket. The substitute only enters during a stoppage in play, at the halfway line, after the player being replaced has left, and after receiving a signal from the referee.



Standings for pool play games will be determined as below;

WIN               = 3 points
TIE                 = 1 point
LOSS              = 0 points

  1. Winners of ties in standings will be determined as follows:
  2. Head to head play
    2. Goal differential
    3. Goals against
  3. Goals for
  4. Number of shutouts
  5. Kicks from the penalty mark (5 per team, or until there is a winner)
  6. Wildcard teams (if required) will be the team(s) with the highest standings points from all teams in the division who are not automatically advancing. A wildcard team cannot play a team from their same qualifying bracket in the semi finals and matchups would be revised.
  7. Standings will be updated and posted online. The deadline to challenge the posted results will be at the conclusion of Pool Play.



  1. Pool winners (and in some cases wildcard teams) will advance to medal round/championship game play.
  2. Teams will play semi-final and/or championship final matches, depending on the number of teams in each pool and the format of play for that flight.



All medal round matches ending in a tie will have two full overtime periods of five minutes in length with teams changing field direction after the first five-minute period. In these matches, if still tied after overtime play, the game shall be decided by IFAB/FIFA kicks from the penalty mark, with each team taking up to 5 kicks. If the game is still tied after 5 kicks, kicks from the mark will go to sudden death until a winner is determined.



  1. Medals and a team trophy will be presented to the division winners.
  2. Medals will be presented to the losing finalist.
  3. A tournament pin will be presented to each participating player and coach.



  1. All Coaches will be expected to set a positive example for the team, and will be held responsible for the actions of their team, including spectators. Teams are allowed 2 coaches to be present and they must remain in the marked coaching area (within ten yards either way from midfield).
  2. Referees will be required to complete a game misconduct report for any sending off offence, as well as any incidents involving coaches or spectators.
  3. Any coach or spectator ejected must immediately leave the vicinity of the playing field (out of sight and sound) and will be prohibited from attending the next scheduled game. Any player sent off (red carded) must immediately leave the vicinity of the game (under supervision of their parent or Safe Haven-certified adult), and may not return to the field of play during the current game, including for the post-game handshake, and may not be substituted for, and is suspended, at a minimum, from participation in the next game.
  4. If it is determined that an ineligible player has participated in a game, the team will forfeit all games in which that player participated illegally. Furthermore, if it is determined that the coach knowingly played a player illegally, that coach will be barred from further participation in the tournament.
  5. It is mandatory to play a scheduled game. If it is determined that a coach willfully fails to have his team participate in a scheduled game, the coach will be dismissed from the tournament and the incident will be reported to the respective Regional Commissioner.
  6. All conduct problems will be reported to the respective Regional Commissioner.
  7. All Serious Incidents will be reported to the respective Regional Commissioner as well as Area, Section and National Office parties.



  1. There will be medic tents stationed in a number of different locations across the tournament site. Please see field map for specific placement.
  2. There will be a roving first aid response staff member to respond to injuries on the field. Referee Coordinators will communicate information to the medics as to the field where first aid is requested.
  3. If an injury is serious, the medics and Safety Director will have a mobile phone to call 911 for emergency response.
  4. Directions to the nearest hospital/urgent care center will be available at the medic stations.



  1. All AYSO players must wear the approved AYSO uniform only. All players on the same team must wear matching uniforms, with the exception of the goalkeeper.
  2. Each player’s uniform must be marked with a permanently-affixed unique number that matches the uniform number on the Game Card, and may not exchange numbered jerseys with any other player during the game including the goalkeeper.
  3. Garments may be worn under the uniform (i.e. long sleeves, etc.) during inclement weather, however the match referee will be the judge of what should be allowed or not.
  4. No player will be allowed to participate in any game with any type of cast or splint. Removal of any type of cast or splint at the field or surrounding area in order to participate shall disqualify the team member from participation.
  5. AYSO will not prohibit the use of knee braces by players in AYSO events providing that the brace is adequately covered and padded in the judgment of the referee.



  1. All protests must be presented in writing to the Tournament Director within 1/2 hour of the completion of the game.
  2. All protests will be heard by a Protest Committee of at least three persons selected by the Tournament Director. In all cases, the members of the Protest Committee will be unrelated to either team involved in the protest. ALL PROTEST DECISIONS ARE FINAL.
  3. Referee judgment calls are FINAL and are not grounds for protest or dispute!



If any pool play games cannot be played due to circumstances beyond the control of the Tournament, the final standings of the pool will be determined by applying the following winning percentage (WP) formula:

WP = Pool Play Points / Number of games played X 10

Pool Play Points

_________________________             = Winning Percentage (%)

(Number of Games Played x 10)

Number of games played is the number of games won, tied or lost multiplied by 10 (the maximum number of points that were available in each game).